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Refinance to get a better deal

There has never been a better time to review your current debts. Interest rates for new customers are at an all time low as banks fight hard to obtain your business.

On average, my clients refinance their home loan every 3-4 years to make sure they are getting the best loan possible. There are now more alternatives to mainstream bank products available that may better suit your needs and personal situation. If you feel that your loan is no longer right for you, today’s competitive lending market presents a great opportunity to do something about it.

Here are some key reasons to prompt a review of your mortgage:

Lower Rate

On average, our clients have saved $2,000+ per year in interest. We will model your options to ensure your home loan is structured for your goals and objectives and find you a competitive rate to suit your lending needs.

Greater Flexibility

Refinancing is a great way to achieve increased flexibility with your monthly commitments and improve your cash flow position. Reviewing your overall debt position can enable you to reduce your monthly outgoings.


Using the equity in your home will most likely be the cheapest way of funding any major outlays such as car purchases, renovations and family holidays. Avoid adding debt to high interest credit cards by releasing funds through your home loan.

Home Equity

Over recent years in the property market houses have appreciated at a significant rate. Refinancing your mortgage can release equity that can help you fund your next investment or lifestyle need.

Household Cash Flow

Some people find that their mortgage and other financial commitments put a strain on their household cash flow. If you’re under financial stress, consolidating and refinancing your loans can reduce your overall commitments and make your finances more manageable.


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