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Top 5 summer projects to add value to your home

The favourable weather and time off work during summer is the perfect opportunity to attend to some neglected areas of the house.  Below are areas that can be addressed in a relatively quick period of time but add good value to your home:

  1. Fix the basics

Leaky taps, rusty gutters, faulty doors and windows that have been left for several months should be amended first. These small and relatively quick alterations can add significant value to a buyer’s eye and the perception of price for the property. Buyers typically don’t turn a blind eye to the small things so paying attention to detail and the basics is essential in ensuring your property is ready to move in straight away. 

  1. Storage

Storage is a big drawcard for buyers always looking for extra space for their belongings. Adding or expanding storage areas is a great place to start when looking to add value and appeal to buyers. Whether renovations or alterations are required for indoor or outdoor areas, you can’t go wrong with assigning some time to increasing space that potential buyers will love.

  1. Splash of colour

Adding a fresh coat of paint can certainly distinguish your property from other tired houses within your street. Brightening up dark areas or creating a more open feel to a room can be a relatively quick way to transform the feel of your home. With longer days, warm weather and the ability to let your home breath, summer is the perfect time to be painting your home.

  1. Get your Green Thumb on

Taking the time to attend to the garden and clean up the exterior of the house is an excellent way to add value to your property’s street appeal. You don’t need to spend a fortune when maintaining or fixing up the garden. Designing or keeping a low-maintenance garden is a huge drawcard for many who may not have the time. Creating a designated outdoor dining area is a very attractive visual to potential buyers who will be able to picture themselves in the space. Mowing the lawn, removing unsightly weeds, plants and old clothes lines are all jobs to be completed if you’re looking to make you property the most appealing it can be.

  1. Address the flooring

Laying down new carpet or polishing weathered floorboards is a great way to add value to your house during the summer months. Attending to the flooring may be an area not commonly thought of however is an area that potential buys do get drawn to as their wondering eyes glance over the living spaces of the property. Altering the flooring can certainly make the property seem fresher and more spacious. Picking the right colour is essential to creating that balanced feel throughout your home.


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